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I have been reading a lot of Avengers universe fanfic recently. (Philip Coulson is awesome! And Darcy Lewis is a sweetie.) But, surprisingly for me, I haven't read that many crossovers with movies or books outside of the series. One that I recently read was Finding Home, a crossover between Harry Potter and The Avengers, which pairs Harry Potter, Master of Death, with Tony Stark, ironmarn-billionaire-philanthropist-genius-etc. It's fun enough, but more to the point, it sprung a crack-plot-bunny on me.

Consider the final scene in The Avengers, after the credits. There we see Thanos, who is in love with Death. And then consider Harry Potter, Master of Death.

I kind of want to throw them together and see what happens.

Does Thanos see Harry as a personification of Death, and thus to be courted? (Because the look on Harry's face would be priceless. And the snark that Tony Stark could come up with if The Avengers are trying to defeat an enemy who is, in turn, trying to court a young married British man is mind-boggling.)

Does Thanos see Harry as a more successful suitor to Death, and thus to be defeated? (Which would probably get Harry to work along side the Avengers in order to defeat Thanos.)

Does Thanos see Harry as someone who has bound Death in an inappropriate fashion, and thus someone from whom Death should be rescued? (Because that could create a three-way conflict if the Avengers think they need to defeat Harry, too, in addition to defeating Thanos, who wants to defeat them both, with Harry going, no, really, I just want to live my life and not be attacked by either side.)

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A couple of ficlets:

Prompt: Harry Potter, author’s choice, magic responds to desires; the reason so many muggleborns have trouble using magic after learning about it is that they don't really believe they can do it

A/N: This one came out a bit angstier than I had originally intended, but here goes: 

Ficlet: Belief in Magic

Prompt: pofinterest-fic (Person of Interest) tweet challenge

Ficlet: Pattern Recognition

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Two limericks, one of which is actually gen:

Prompt: Harry Potter, Fawkes, A gold-feathered bird / Sings in the palm, without human meaning, / Without human feeling, a foreign song. (Wallace Stevens)

Fill: Limerick (gen)

Prompt: Highlander, any, swords

Fill: Limerick (not gen)

And then a ficlet:

Prompt: Highlander, Methos/Duncan, they are the last two of their kind

Fill: Lust and Bloodlust

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So I was browsing TV Tropes and ran across the various gambits, including The Gambit Pileup which reminded me a prompt which then of course had to be filled:

Prompt: Inception/Highlander, Arthur + Methos, the only bank-robbery hostage worse than Arthur is Methos

Ficlet: The Gambit Pileup

Also, I forgot to link a previous ficlet here, so:

Prompt: Harry Potter/His Dark Materials, any, The day their daemon settles is during the first battle at Hogwarts (ala Half-Blood Prince). They don't notice until much, much later.

Despite not really remembering the details of Half-Blood Prince all that well, I couldn't (or least didn't) resist filling this.

Ficlet: Coming of Age
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Holidays are amazingly wonderful, especially ones that I can spend with my family. Unfortunately, all things come to an end and I really hate that last day when it's time to pack and leave. The problem isn't even going back to work, not really, it's leaving family behind. It's a depression after a high and I hate it. Anyway, that mood probably influenced these most recent ficlets.

Prompt #1: Harry Potter, Harry, That’s the thing you see – this isn’t my world, and isn’t my war. You all made sure of that. So… I’m done.

Ficlet #1: Freaks Deserve to be Punished

Prompt #2: Highlander, any, surviving the end of the world

Ficlet #2: The World Ended a Hundred Times

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A quick little ficlet:

prompt: Highlander/Harry Potter, Methos, Death rides a thestral

ficlet: Death's Horse

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And here is why I am going to get very little sleep tonight: because my reaction to feeling overwhelmed is to procrastinate further. Sight. On the other hand, five ficlets, each from a different fandom, and I can hardly believe that not even one of them has Methos in it.

Prompt #1:  Numb3rs, Charlie/Ian Edgerton, camping

Ficlet #1: Naturally Intersecting in Nature

Prompt #2: X-Men, Erik, coins

Ficlet #2: Keep the Change

Prompt #3: Sherlock BBC, Moriarty/John, power

Ficlet #3: Anchor

Prompt #4: White Collar, Peter, regret

Ficlet #4: The difference between captured the event and captured the status

Prompt #5: Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, weapon

Ficlet #5: Defense, offense, and mice

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In the Harry Potter universe, the pure bloods are derisive towards the muggle-born, the non-human magical peoples, and any crossbreeds. This is blatant prejudice and a demonstration of why those pure bloods are the bad guys in the books. What if there's a reason for that prejudice though? There is a natural mutation that appears every so often, called Mary Sueism, named after the first documented example of the case. The mutation is most common in crossbreeds. And the mutation is horribly dangerous.

Some of the minor symptoms are extreme beauty and unusual coloring. However the defining feature of Mary Sueism is a version of psychic vampirism. Except that it's not just your psyche that a Mary Sue will suck away but your fate. If previous to meeting a Mary Sue, you were fated to be a hero, you will become a regular person. If you had been a regular person, you will become a sycophant. It is nearly impossible to fight a Mary Sue, and they are generally only identified retroactively, after a generation of young wizards and witches have been destroyed.

This is less of a true plot and more of a character study, because the point of a Mary Sue is that she--there are male Mary Sue's but they're less common--destroys strong characters and plot arcs. It's not intentional on her part, it's merely an affect of her existence.

Lucius Malfoy hates crossbreeds with a passion, hates muggleborns who don't understand, hates a great many people, because he misses his younger half-sister, Arianwen.

She was beautiful. She shone like the moon on water, had a laugh like silver bells, was as smart as a tack, and was half-veela. She was performing wandless spells with intent by the time she was seven years old. Lucius was five years older than she was and would let her use his wand to practice the spells he taught her on his holidays. She was always laughing and joyful. Until she was ten. Sometime in her tenth year she became quieter and more solemn. None of the family could figure out why, what had happened, what was wrong? Until they read the note she left behind the summer before what should have been her first year at Hogwarts.

She had diagnosed herself as a Mary Sue.

She knew a suicide could just make matters worse; Mary Sue's had tried that before. But she also knew that she couldn't stay in the wizarding world. So she had run away to a veela colony where she would be kept in isolation for the rest of her natural life. She was sorry. She loved them all. Good bye.

A generation of wizards and witches lived full meaningful lives because of Arianwen's decision. Lucius hated each and every one of them.

The plot carries on without any Mary Sue.
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Spike is surrounded by dementors. It's a lost cause. All the wizards and witches watch with horror as their new friend disappears from view beneath the multitude of dementors determined to have at him. And then there's a howl of pure rage and the dementors quickly find themselves decimated and no visible end to the carnage done to them, one in particular looking a bit queasy for a dementor. It was backing away as best it could from the raging vampire shouting at it. "You bastard! You stole my soul! I worked hard for that thing. You'd better give it back!"  
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Tom Riddle being Harry's father is somewhat ridiculous because he looks too much like James Potter. But then I had  a thought. Maybe, Tom Riddle isn't Harry's father but Voldemort is. <I cackle evil-y.> No, wait, it can make sense:

I don't think it's ever mentioned if the body's of the Potters were ever recovered and given Sirius' situation, we know wizards are prone to jumping to conclusions. So imagine any bodies found were completely unidentifiable.  Maybe Lily could be identified next to the body of a man. Why not? Now, consider the scene in Godric's Hollow right before everything goes down:

I can't remember if there are random death eaters milling around in the background but they don't really matter at this point. The main players are:
1. Harry Potter (infant), grows up to look like James Potter
2. Lily Potter nee Evans, later confirmed dead by Harry's dementor inspired memories
3. Tom Riddle aka Voldemort, still handsome at that point, comes back as weird snake/man after a decade as a shade, more than a little crazy due to family inbreeding
4. James Potter, handsome young man, put out of commission off stage somehow, has blood as pure as the driven snow and assumably even more inbred than Tom Riddle.

Now, consider the last two characters, both handsome, both inbred. And one of them comes back, but as a shade and then a snake-creature, looking nothing like the handsome man he once was.

So what if Lily successfully manages to kill Voldemort by putting up a shield around Harry using her own death?  James is so traumatized by what was done to him off-stage and the death of his wife and the betrayal of his friends, that he goes completely insane, not helped by the fact that he's a shade. Curse damage, says I, can do things like that.

Thus, James Potter becomes Voldemort.

He could also be pissed off at Harry because from everything we've seen of James, he was a bit of a prat a la Draco Malfoy and Lily clearly chose Harry's safety over James'.

If you need to the blood ties back to Slytherin, that's also pretty easily managed. It's been a thousand years since the founders, right? So let's call it a generation every 30 years on average. So that's about 33 generations away from the founders. So, raise 2 to the power of 33 and you get the number of people alive in the founders time who are eventually related to Harry Potter. And if James is Pure, then half of those (2 to the power of 32) have to be wizarding. That's a lot, especially for a small wizarding community. He's probably related in one way or another to all of the founders.

And the possibilities expand, the more I think of it. So there are these horcruxes but we don't have a particularly good explanation of how exactly they work: just that if you kill someone and/or crack your soul, you can scatter bits and pieces hither and yon which tie you to life. Tom Riddle made oodles but all it takes is one to work. And James Potter was in a fight and more than a bit disturbed, so say he made a horcrux that one night in Godric's Hollow and that's the one in Harry. 

Puts a whole new twist on the final scene in Deathly Hollows doesn't it?
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Because miriel is awesome, she has plotted out a story in response to one of my rabid plot bunnies.

Because I am evil, I leave rabid plot bunnies around to attack people.

As part apology, part thanks, and part pure glee:

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In browsing the internet for fanfiction on a lazy Friday evening, I noticed yet another go-back-in-time-to-kill-young-Tom-Riddle story. There seem to be a lot of these and for the most part I ignore them: I don't care for the preemptive strike theory of war-fare.

--------As a side note, I also stumbled across a phrase I adore:    "Killing for Peace is like Fucking for Celibacy."  It makes me laugh. Plus: true. --------

Anyway, has anyone written a story in which some member of the Order of the Phoenix goes back in time to stop the rise of Lord Voldemort, not by killing a baby Tom Riddle but by adopting him out of the orphanage he hated and giving him a decent childhood? 

Dumbledore's character is surprisingly subtle, but it's clear that he's changed over the years, just as it's clear that he was at least a generation or two too late in learning to not simply write off malicious boys as lost causes. If someone else had been around to insist he give Tom Riddle the chances he gave Draco Malfoy what would have changed? And what would Slytherin's Heir be like if he weren't so very angry at the world? 

As I think about it (and remind myself that I do not need another writing project at this time, I have enough already), the story could also be made interesting by exactly how the time travel worked. If it was just a one-way passage to the past, then whoever went would raise up young Riddle and live out life in the new time stream. Alternately, if it were for a set period, like a decade, (get Tom when he's seven, and raise him till he graduates from Hogwarts) then return to the future, you could get the returnee having to settle into a very different present plus also have a powerful grown Riddle meeting up with his pseudo-parent.

All sorts of options. Who goes back: Harry? Hermione? Ginny? Snape? Old Dumbledore? 

Harry might be a good choice as the type of character who might decide to go back to kill his enemy and then discover he sees too many similarities and wants to save him after all. Plus, that could bring in the prophesy rather nicely. The power that Voldemort knows not, can be the family-love that Harry has to teach young Riddle in order to "kill" Voldemort.

Alternately, a book-time-period Dumbledore going back to fix the mistakes he made in condemning Riddle too early might be fun since then he'd have to prevent younger-Dumbledore from identifying him.

Or Snape could go back. My take on his character does not make him a particularly good adoptive parent but consider the fact that he was a Death Eater, that at one point in his life he pledged himself to follow Voldemort's command. What if he's still torn between that loyalty to the great man Tom Riddle was and his own sense of moral right: he can't let Voldemort continue his murderous rampage but he doesn't want him harmed. So he has to go back to save him before he's forced to kill him.

If someone has already written this story or wants to write it, let me know because I definitely want to read it.  
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Sometime back, I wrote "Icarus", a fanfiction story that paired Hermione Granger with Lord Voldemort. It's posted on It was a challenge to myself since the pairing was so very improbably but I had a lot of fun with it and I've gotten a lot of very nice reviews regarding it. One of the main responses, though, is a general request for a sequel.

I don't intend to ever write one. I like where I left it off because it combines coming to a nice conclusion with maximum uncertainty for the future. I'm quite pleased with it.

However, I've had plenty of ideas for where it could go from there, and one reviewer asked me just to summarize some of my ideas. In case anyone else is interested, here are some possible futures for the characters:

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