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I've now watched all of season one of Lie to Me and had my internet browser freeze a couple of times attempting to watch season two. Already going through withdrawal, then, I thought some more about fanfiction, and thought about House.

House says: "Everybody lies." He's always saying this. Surely, surely, he should come in contact with the lie experts at some point.

Possibly Loker gets sick and needs his help. House gets a bit offended by Loker, because:

House: "Everybody lies."

Loker: "I don't." 

It's all very frustrating for House because apparently Loker is telling the truth that he doesn't lie about anything. And as funny as it is to see Cameron and even Chase and Foreman blush from some of the things the patient has said, the patient should be lying about something and it's very annoying that he's not.

Wilson laughs at House. "See, not everybody lies."

"Nope," Cal Lightman appears. "He's right. Everybody lies. Even Loker. Not often and he's appallingly bad at it,but it does happen."



Maybe there's some law suit against House (because, really, given House's behavior, the show could easily become a legal drama rather than a medical one, dealing with all the law suits that House gets. Cuddy probably has an attorney especially for those cases.) The Lightman Group is brought in to see what really happened.

Cal Lightman vs. Gregory House

Let the games begin. Where can I place my bets? 
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Before I get in to my plot, there are a few disclaimers:

I watched the first half of the first season of House MD and loved it. It was awesome!

Then I saw the second half of the first season of House MD and got pissed off for a variety of reasons. (1) Volger was a crap business man. There were so many flaws in his ideas that I was surprised the doctors weren't rolling their eyes at him during the meetings. If anyone is interested, I could go on a rant just about that. Instead, (2) the whole ex-wife needing help for her husband was soap-opera enough, the stupidity of putting someone with a serious illness under the supervision of a diagnostician was just pushing the envelope. (3) House was at a stable point of insanity and roughness, a point he had been in for years, why the sudden descent then, as marked by the season's progression? And finally, (4) there really is a point where the craziness is too much of a liability for the genuis to compensate for. He would have gotten fired, and Cuddy and Wilson could have been unhappy at his loss, but they still would have kept him out of the hospital for messing things up.

Anyway, having gotten that off my chest, I have an idea for a Highlander / House MD crossover.

Princeton University (I'm assuming this is the university associated with Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital) has been approached by a scholar who has recently inhereted both a great deal of money and large selection of medical records of unpleasant medical experiments. The scholar offers to donate the money to the university in exchange for use of office space and picking the brains of local professors/doctors for analysis of the medical records he has. The university jumps at the chance: not only money, but unique medical experiments that they couldn't in good conscience duplicate but which they would love to see, since the experiments have already happened anyway.

Methos (who is the scholar, of course) won't give them unsupervised access to the records (whch he inherited from Kronos, of course. The money's from Kronos, too.)

Thus Methos is hanging around the hospital and the university, everyone is talking about him and the research he's doing, and House is irritated when Methos asks for his assistance reviewing something and even more irrirated when he's not asked for his assistance.

Methos is interested in the research, repressing a feeling of guilt for the crimes documented, greiving the death of his brothers, and finding an amusing distraction in taunting House occasionally.

House is interested in the research, repressing a feeling of guilt for being intrigued by the crimes documented, and finding his relationship with Methos to be amusing, frustrating, and intriguing. The scholar is lying to him! He's not sure what about, but it's about something!

Everyone else is interested, appalled, and horrified by both the research and the developing friendship.

Luckily, House gets an interesting case to solve, and thus distract him from Methos.

Less luckily, the case is a rare poisoning and archaic form of assassination. Methos knows it well, and successfully identifies it.

House is ever more intrigued by the is man who's records (which he's looked up, of course) would not indicate he had a practical knowledge of poisons and assassinations. Theories abound.

And that's actually the extent of the plot that I have. More of a colision of characters than anything else.


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