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I was just browsing AO3 and I noticed that there are no Inception/The Pretender crossovers. On, there is precisely one. How can this be? 

Consider Jarod:
He's brilliant, he has a history with a shady government contractor who now track him obsessively, he has dual obsessions with his own past and with revealing other people's guilt, and he has a talent at pretending to be other people.

There are so many ways for him to crossover with the Inception universe and/or team. Maybe:

1. He helped design the PASIV device back when he was part of the Centre.

2. He wants to use dreaming technology to discover his own subconscious very-early memories of his family.

3. He uses dreaming technology to discover the secrets of someone who committed a crime.

4. He tracks down the inception team or just some other dream tech team because they are guilty of harming someone and he is determined to make them face up to their crime.

5. Part of his training back at the Centre was done by means of dream technology.

6. He was caught by someone (the Centre or some random bad guy) who hire the Inception team to find out his secrets.

7. He just randomly decides he wants to learn this new skill and he joins the Inception team for a bit of recreational training... (Eames isn't sure whether to be delighted or jealous at how quickly Jarod learns forging.)

8. The Centre decide to conscript the Inception team and Jarod has to save them.

And that's pretty much just off the top of my head. I'm sure I could come up with more ideas, and each of these ideas could be fleshed out in a variety of different ways. I think the hardest part about coming up with a full-plot for this outline would be in choosing which path to take, since there are so very many to choose from.

And don't you just want to know what Jarod's dreams are like? What his projections are like? If he's the architect, what crazy paradoxes does he make? If he's a forger, how exact or extreme does he manage? If he's a point man... well, no, he's pretty much already a point man in his own canon, as he researches the situation setting up each new episode.

Surely there have to be more than one fanfic crossing these fandoms. So where are they? 

If you know of any, please send me the link!

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Having already written The Gambit Pileup, in which both Arthur (of Inception) and Methos (of Highlander) get caught up in an attempted bank robbery (much to the detriment of the robbers), from Arthur's perspective, I couldn't resist another ficlet telling the same tale from Methos' perspective.

Thus: Not Everybody Can Be Xanatos

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So I was browsing TV Tropes and ran across the various gambits, including The Gambit Pileup which reminded me a prompt which then of course had to be filled:

Prompt: Inception/Highlander, Arthur + Methos, the only bank-robbery hostage worse than Arthur is Methos

Ficlet: The Gambit Pileup

Also, I forgot to link a previous ficlet here, so:

Prompt: Harry Potter/His Dark Materials, any, The day their daemon settles is during the first battle at Hogwarts (ala Half-Blood Prince). They don't notice until much, much later.

Despite not really remembering the details of Half-Blood Prince all that well, I couldn't (or least didn't) resist filling this.

Ficlet: Coming of Age
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A couple of ficlets:

prompt #1: Highlander, Methos, if anyone is a god to Methos that is likely quite beyond the ken of humans - and he probably doesn't worship it anyway

ficlet #1: This Too Shall Pass

prompt #2: Inception/Highlander, Methos + Dream Team, Methos' mind is not one you'd want to be stuck in

ficlet #2: What Dreams May Come
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Because gender bending is just so much fun and because I am so overwhelmed with other work that I can't help but procrastinate:

Prompt #1: Highlander, Methos, the worlds oldest hag

Ficlet #1: the confusing results of gender stereotyping

Prompt #2: Inception, girl!Arthur/Eames, I never loved nobody fully / always one foot on the ground

Ficlet #2: I eat gender stereotypes for breakfast

Prompt #3: X-men (any verse); girl!logan/wolverine +/any character; she was gonna save the day wearing flannel and cowboy boots.

Ficlet #3: At least there wasn't a skirt

Prompt #4: Highlander, Methos, I have no gender

Ficlet #4: I self-identify as a survivor
(and curses on the English language for not having a gender-neutral third-person pronoun for sentient beings.)
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Prompt #1: Highlander, Methos, sometimes he plays the lottery just to donate all his winnings to a kids' charity or orphanage

Fill #1: Money is only as useful as what it can buy

Prompt #2: Sherlock BBC, Sherlock, it's a game of chance.

Fill #2: Paying the rent

Prompt #3: Thor, Thor/Loki, it gets easier being evil

Fill #3: Practice Makes Perfect

Prompt #4: Inception, Arthur/Eames, "Darling, why is there a giant wooden horse in your dream?"

Fill #4: Don't touch the horse

Prompt #5: Highlander, Methos, the only creature who can compare a big cat's roar to a dinosaur's

Fill #5: Keeping the Memories

Plus: A snippet that was written for me!

Prompt: Highlander/Leverage, Adam Pierson/Eliot Spencer, Whoever this guy is, he is *not* a simple academic.

Fill by argentum_ls

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Prompt #1: Highlander, Methos +/ any, You were always hard to hold, so letting go is easy

Ficlet #1: Nothing Lasts Forever

Prompt #2: Sherlock (BBC)/ Highlander, Mycroft & Methos, Mycroft thinks he's met his match. He has no idea how far out of his depth he truly is.

Ficlet #2: An Equal, or Something Like

Prompt #3: Inception/Highlander, Eames/Arthur, Arthur is a mortal raised by Methos. Eames is a student of Amanda's who will mourn Arthur for centuries after he dies. (Inception canon compliant if possible, please)

Ficlet #3: Until I Die

Prompt #4: Highlander / New Amsterdam, John/any, he finally finds the one, the one he can grow old and die with - except, as it turns out, Destiny is a cruel bitch with a sense of irony...

Ficlet #4: Destiny is a Cruel Bitch

Prompt #5: Highlander, Duncan/Methos, turns out someone misunderstood something a long time ago and the Gathering is actually a compulsion to...

Ficlet #5: The Gathering happened every Autumn

Prompt #6: Highlander, Duncan/Methos, the answer is yes. oh yes.

Ficlet #6: Yes. Oh yes.

Prompt #7:  Highlander/any vampire series, Methos, vampires have forgotten how to recognize Death... it's time they were taught to remember

Ficlet #7: Come and See!

Prompot #8: Highlander, Methos,
I am older than you, Man.
I was there in your garden of Eden,
and before: my roots go deeper than you know,
deep into your heart and deeper still.
They clasp the bones of your ancestors
and go deeper yet.

Ficlet #8: Change

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Comment-fic is highly addictive.

prompt #1: SG-1, Tealc, Samson

Ficlet #1: No freedom here

prompt #2: Any, any, Hurts - Wonderful Life

Ficlet #2: (inception, Arthur) Everybody grieves in their own way

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If this keeps up, maybe I should just create a master post for ficlets rather than try to keep track of them in individual posts.

But here's the next one, in response to tigriswolf's prompt: 

Highlander/Inception, Arthur/Eames, one of them is a thousand years old; the other just died

Ficlet: Better to burn out than fade away

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I have not actually watched Inception. Real life is giving me a beating and when it comes to ways I can spend my time, watching movies falls below reading fanfic, both of which should fall below doing my work, but reading fanfic is putting up a fight and watching movies has mostly resigned itself.

Thus, despite not having watched the movie, I have read Inception fanfic and while I don’t quite understand the nuances of the technology, (and I'm dubious that watching the movie would clear that up anyway,) I really, really, really want someone to try to use it to steal an idea from Adam Pierson (aka Methos, but they don’t know that.)

As it turns out, going up against Methos’ subconscious protections is a fairly bad idea. (Although I suppose it could be worse… they could be trying to steal from Bruce Banner. They go in, they get squashed, they wake up. Bing-bing-bing, it’s over. No one’s been able to last long enough to blink.)

I have this idea that they go in, and, first of all, it’s not a city. It’s a small village out in the middle of the plains. This is odd, because most people are complicated enough to be a full city, but hey, they figure some people must just have simple personalities.

Except that, well, the small cottages tend to be larger on the inside, with more twist and turns and hidden passages and mirror rooms than Versailles. And the shadows, well, some of them are darker than they should be. And if you go into one of those, you don’t come out. Not in a die-and-wake-up way, but a you-go-brain-dead-in-the-real-world way.

There are people in the village but most of them wear Adam Pierson’s face even if they have completely different personalities and different names (like Dr Benjamin Adams). And the people who don’t (like, Morgan Walker) each have a grudge against one of the Adam Pierson look-alikes.

And as if that weren’t enough, there appear to be a few other villages in the distance that are just faintly visible on the horizon, with smoke rising from a few chimneys. But between visitors and those other villages is a heard of the most beautiful wild white horses imaginable and they will trample to death anyone who strays too far from the village.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure what the plot would be.

Maybe Adam Pierson left the Watchers and the Watchers want to know why?

Maybe Adam Pierson got a new job as a translator for top secret government meetings and someone wants to know one of those secrets. (And the funny thing is, is that since it’s one of Adam Pierson’s secrets rather than one of Methos’ secrets, it’s actually fairly easy to find in one of the main cottages, it’s just not considered that much of a secret and so everyone overlooks it for a really long time.)

Maybe in the end, the inception team figures out about Immortals.

Or maybe they all die.

Or maybe they give it up as a lost cause and recruit Adam Pierson to their side instead, because he has mad skills with getting into peoples’ heads.


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