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Wow, it's been a long time since I posted here. So here's a bit of house-cleaning, with fic I've posted on AO3 but not yet posted here:

Obi-Wan's Leap
fandom: Star Wars
summary: The Force is always there for the Force sensitive - there is no escape or avoidance. Obi-Wan has spent his life living with the Force and meditating on it. In the end, he leaps into it entirely.

What's In a Name
fandom: Leverage, Highlander
summary: “Names come and go. People who know who, and what, you are… that is more rare.”

Here We Belong
fandom: Highlander, Pretadors
“Hello, Earth,” Isabelle’s voice had been received by any radio directed to the stars. “We have an alien space ship, a partial list of humans kidnapped and killed by the aliens, and a long story to tell.”
Duncan MacLeod had left Paris to join the quickly growing community built up around the landed spacecraft three days after the first broadcast.
Joe didn’t follow.

an ancient absent god
fandom: Highlander
“Believe in yourself. You are an ancient, absent god, discussed only rarely by literary scholars. So if you don’t believe, no one will.” – @NightValeRadio, 7/4/13, 9:28 AM

Every miracle is a betrayal revealed
fandom: Highlander
“Come on, miracles are just random good things that happen. How is that a betrayal?”
“It’s a random good thing, yes, but it always begs the questions: why didn’t it happen sooner? More often? Better? If it could happen once, what about all those times when it didn’t happen?”
“So the world isn’t fair or nice.” Joe shrugged. “We already knew that. A miracle just shows that sometimes there’s an exception.”
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I have recently discovered the TV show Leverage. It is quite awesome: sort of a modern-day Robin Hood group. Steal from the rich (and corrupt) to give to the poor (and wronged). There's some heist or con job every episode. Oodles of fun.

Almost immediately upon hearing just the premise, I thought of Cory Raines and Amanda from Highlander, both of whom are warm-hearted thieves. Cory Raines would fit in best with the Leverage group being completely insane in an adrenaline-junky type of way, and going on bank-robbing sprees and donating all the of the stolen goods to orphanages.  However I really want Amanda to meet up with Parker from Leverage, becaues they're both talented pick-pockets and cat burglers, but Parker is severely unsocialized while Amanda seduces her way out of all sorts of situations. I think a meeting between them would be interesting because Parker would probably be uncertain and envious and think that Amanda was much better than her while Amanda would probably see a lot of herself from before she was found by her teacher Rebecca. A meeting would probably bring out one of Amanda's rare serious/mature/maternal moments.

While just the idea of the characters mixing up together is fun, I do have a basic plot.

There is a bad guy who has done something particularly heinous. My current thoughts are that a mobster stole an organ intended for live-saving surgery for a child and intends to sell it on the black-market. Not only a heinous crime but also one that demands a really quick turn-around time in order for any fix to be actually helpful, thus more mistakes to be made.

I'm thinking Amanda probably heard about it while stealing something else from the bad-guy. Thus not only does she feel the need to steal the organ back for it's original owner, but security is much higher than it had been so she needs help: she calls in Duncan, Cory, and Methos.

Methos respectfully bows out, saying he's not planning to make any enemies of that calabre.

Meanwhile the Leverage team is approached by the uncle of the child being prepped for surgery. Given that the motivation of the head of Leverage is all tied up in his own young son's death, this would be something he would take on even without having time to do as thorough a set-up a needed.

There is much high-jinks as both teams run into each other. Many close calls and misunderstandings and whatnot.

In the end, it all works out and they go to deliver the rescued organ to surgery in the nick of time.

It's only then that they realize that the family of the child was still freaking out in the hospital and no one had thought to look for any recovery options and the kid didn't have an uncle.

It's Duncan who's suspicious enough to ask for a picture from the Leverage team and identifies Methos, of course.


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