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So 2014 sucked pretty badly. I am really hoping that 2015 is a massive improvement. (And please, please let it not be worse -- I have a finite number of family members.)

Anyway, the end of the year showed some improvement and the new year is starting off well. So I am paying a bit more attention to fandom and realized how long it's been since I posted here. Even when I had posted fanfic, I never got around to updating here. So, to correct this error: 

The Price of Secrets (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Buffy and NCIS
Summary: This fight for jurisdiction did not go the way Gibbs had expected.

Leah's Happy Ending (on AO3)
Fandom: the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs
Summary:Everyone knew that Bran had only married Leah because she was too stupid and petty for him to ever run the risk of falling in love with her. No one thought about how Leah herself must feel that knowledge like a constant insult. No one deserves that kind of abuse.

The Ambassador (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Labyrinth and Stargate
Summary: Ambassador Sarah Williams is brought in to the Stargate program to help deal with the Tok'ra. (set after Her Kingdom as Great, and does not stand on its own.)

Smooth as a River Stone (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Highlander and Stargate
Summary: Thousands of years later, Jake O'Neil's descendant looks out the temple palace to see what the god Methos sees. (This will make absolutely no sense if you haven't already read A Square Peg in a Round Hole.)

To everyone reading this: Happy new year!

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While attempting to work on a different fanfic I've promised, my muse got distracted by a short meeting between Xander Harris of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jethro Gibbs of NCIS.

Thus, mostly to get it out of the way:

The Price of Secrets (on AO3) (on (on TTH)
This fight for jurisdiction did not go the way Gibbs had expected.

Read the story here )

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Prompt #1: Person of Interest; Finch /or& Reese; Finch finds out about Reese having Fusco spy on him.

Ficlet #1: Sucker for Surveillance

Prompt #2: NCIS, author’s choice, a part of Tony has always known Gibbs wished he’d died instead of Kate

Ficlet #2: Evidence Unseen and Wishes Unwished

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Happy Holiday-of-your-choice, everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying family and friends, and gifts given and received.

This year I participated in the Highlander Secret Santa that Amand-r so wonderfully hosted. All of the stories, with the authors revealed are now listed on

The story that I received (Yay!) was:

Shadow Dance
by idontlikegravy
1967 and Methos finds himself trapped on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. While biding his time until he can get out, he meets an intriguing young student named Henrietta, and the meeting may affect both of theirs lives for a long time to come
Crossover with NCIS:LA.

The story that I wrote for dswdiane was:

Neutral Good

The day-to-day life of an Immortal has less to do with long life and challenges and more to do with fake identities and carrying concealed weapons.

Since this story was submitted on a deadline, I'm going to give it another round of editing before I publish it on either or AO3.

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Because Peter Wingfield can no longer do anything at all without making me think of Methos, I saw the most recent episode of NCIS: Los Angeles last night and realized that Methos' most recent identity was Eugene Keelson, a very successful, very ruthless, information trader with an unspoken interest in Special Agent G Callen.

Keelson winds up being shot dead by G Callen, leaving behind only two known pictures, no real identification, and rumors of a lair full of electronics and information. (Among other things, and most recently, he had downloaded the entirety of the NCIS case files, globally.)

So, first, I imagine that Callen (and the rest of the agents, too) get real upset when Keelson's body disappears from the morgue.  And, since I was disappointed that Marty Deeks of LAPD did not make an appearance, I think Deeks might be a watcher and have helped with the escape.

Anyway, then I imagine that Duncan MacLeod is going to be at least somewhat upset that Methos went this particular route to track down the pre-immortal baby that he'd placed in foster care some forty years ago. 

"I just asked you to track someone down."

"Because you couldn't do it yourself."


"You're a good tracker, Mac. You know it. So if you can't track someone down, then it's not going to be easy. And guess what, it wasn't easy. You asked me to track down an infant who grew up to be a man who specializes in being a ghost. That takes some specialized skills and connections to track." 

"I didn't think you'd make a whole identify devoted to illegal information trading in order to do it! I thought you could just hack some database." 

'I did. I just hacked a couple of databases. And I sold some information in order to keep me in funds in the meantime." 



Mac shook his head. "So now you convinced G that I'm searching for him for some nefarious purpose. Couldn't you have just let him know that his old step-father wanted to meet him? And why in the world did you force him to meet with the Bulgarians for you?"

"First of all, his old step-father died a rather public death which put him into the foster care system to begin with, now didn't you? And second of all, the Bulgarians were going to try to kill me."

"So you sent a mortal to meet with them rather than deal with it yourself?"

"You always hate it when I kill mortals. Plus, Callen's at a good age to die his first death."

"Why do you do this to me?" MacLeod spoke plaintively, directed more towards the ceiling than towards Methos. Methos answered anyway.

"Hey, I've got a perfect reputation. You get what you pay for. And apparently you didn't pay me enough to track down a ghost and be nice at the same time."
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There are all sorts of benefits to being a highlander-type immortal, such as, you know, not dying, recovering from injuries, etc. There's a down-side too, of course, such as people trying to kill you. However, while one of the downsides is certainly having to hide your abilities, I don't think I've ever read a story that really focuses on that. The fact that you cannot allow yourself to be visibly injured. So, I had two mini-plot-bunnies for this, one is humorous, the other is angsty.

1.  Richie Ryan is a good looking guy who's always up for adventure and fun and games and, hey, he's immortal. So he feels he should be experimenting a bit. Seeing what his options are. And it's not like he has to worry about STDs, right? So, there he is, in an S&M club... And then there's MacLeod coming to retrieve him. And explain to him, in a loud voice in the middle of the club, that no, he cannot allow himself to be spanked or whipped or anything like that because of his "medical condition." After all, his skin won't go red, marks won't stay, and, seriously, someone could go overboard and simply hurt him by accident without realizing it. Richie is hideously embarrassed (and frustrated), and MacLeod is surprisingly cool with it all: all the Doms are nodding along with his lecture to Richie about safety, while all of the Subs are practically fainting at his feet begging to be taken and thinking Richie is a lucky guy to have such a commanding Dom to care for him. It's possible Joe is having hysterics trying to figure out the best way to report this whole meeting and definitely deciding that it has to go into both chronicles, Richie's and MacLeods.

2. Dominic Vail is a new NCIS agent, who's woefully inexperienced but very bright and is being trained up by the entire LA team. And then he's kidnapped. He was definitely beaten, possibly shot, and has disappeared. No body has been recovered. That's canon. What if he's an immortal? He looks like he's in his early 20s. He's actually in his early 100s. He's had a few lives under his belt, he's an experienced person, but he's still young for an immortal. He joined NCIS for all the regular reasons, but additionally knew that as an immortal, it was important to know the state of the art in investigation skills. He joins NCIS, and his character is not a lie at all: he doesn't have the experience they're looking for, but he's going to learn it. And it is pretty embarrassing being constantly shown up by his coworkers. But he'll manage. At least he has dark skin: it lets him get away with the fact he doesn't bruise. Pity those poor pale-skinned immortals where a lack of bruises is really obvious. But then he's beaten and kidnapped and shot. His blood is left on a crime scene. And he works with a bunch of skilled investigators. He knows he cannot be rescued after that. He has to disappear. He has to abandon his friends and start a new life. And one day, maybe he'll run into them again and he'll be someone completely different. It's angsty.
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This isn't so much a plot bunny, as a scene part-way through a story. I'm not sure what the rest of the story is, and frankly I'm too busy in the real world to work on it. But here's a bit:

“Sorry guys. That necklace, well, it’s flashy all right, but I can’t tell if there’s a flash drive on it or not. None of the video is that high quality and the pendent is,” Eric coughed in barely disguised amusement, “in a shadowy area.”

All the other agents were either staring rapt or attempting to not stare rapt at the enlarged picture of the ambassador’s wife’s ample cleavage.


“People!” Hetty called their attention back to the job at hand. “We need to retrieve the flash drive before they have time to decrypt it. Start thinking about something other than… that.” She waved a hand and then marched off.

Sam muttered, "And how exactly are we supposed to retrieve the thing without considering where it is?" But he waited until Hetty was out of hearing range before he did so.

Unfortunately, twenty-four hours later, they were all mostly lounging on the sofa’s, exhausted, and no closer to a solution.

“I still say, we’re going to have to steal the necklace.” G insisted again.

“We can’t. Not only is it illegal, but also impossible.”

“I thought you Seals weren’t supposed to say things like that.”

“No, we Seals--” but G would have to postpone learning what Seals did or did not say, because Hetty suddenly appeared. She had the knack of making them all feel about five years old by her mere presence. An amazing feate that G really wished didn’t have.

“So, what plans have you all come up with?”

Sam sent another glare in G’s direction. “Well, the genius over here thinks stealing the necklace is the way to go.” And apparently Sam as a five-year-old was a tattle-tale. G would get back at him later.

Hetty merely nodded judiciously. “As loath as I am to agree with such an action, I have to agree with Mr. Callens this time.”


That woke people up. Even Nate came to attention and he slouched even when he hadn’t stayed up most the night fruitlessly brainstorming ideas.

“I believe I was clear the first time. The necklace will have to be stolen.”

“You expect us to steal a necklace from a fortified embassy?”

“No, of course not.” Hetty scoffed. “That’s why I invited a specialist. She should be here any moment.”

“A specialist?”

“Why, I do believe that’s my cue.” A light female voice with just a hint of irony in it floated through the air. Then one of the single most beautiful women G had seen in his life appeared. She knew it, too.

She also, he realized after a moment, knew where every weapon and every valuable in the room was at a single glance. After that glance though, she focused once more on Hetty, holding out both hands to clasp Hetty’s.

“Amanda! Thank you so much for coming so quickly."

“I believe you offered me a challenge.”

“And access to the clothes.”

The woman, Amanda apparently, smiled brightly. “Well, of course. You do have the best taste in clothes, and I do show off your work so wonderfully.”

“Yes, you do. And I have just the thing for you. But first things first, we need to retrieve a flash drive from the Ambassador’s wife’s necklace.”

Hetty indicated the blueprints and pictures to Amanda. While they were doing that, G finally managed to tear his eyes away from the woman to look at the rest of his team. They had not yet managed to retrieve their eyes. He squinted a bit at Nate. Was that drool?

Hetty made them all five-year-olds and apparently Amanda made them all fifteen-year-olds. This was going to be a long case.


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Despite evidence to the contrary, I actually don't watch that much TV. Tuesday evenings are the one time when I watch NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles back-to-back. NCIS, as I have mentioned before, has grabbed a hold of me and won't let go. The Los Angeles spin-off is less well-done but it's growing on me. 

Anyway, I don't have a particular plot-bunny at this point, but I do have a scene that's probably in an epilogue to some unwritten greater story. If anyone else knows the plot, feel free to let me know. It's a Highlander crossover. 


Hetty was the last of the team to say her goodbyes to Professor Pierson, the resource she had brought in to help on the case. The rest of the team stared in covert awe as the man actually lifted Hetty up off her feet in order to give her a quite thorough kiss.

Actually, the stares weren’t all that covert, but the two principals in the drama were ignoring them for now.

“That certainly takes me back. Will I be seeing you again?” Hetty spoke in her regular dry fashion.

“No. I’m afraid Adam Pierson is overdue for a fatal accident.” This comment got a few side-long looks from most of the observers, but G was clearly less than surprised and Hetty merely tsk’d.

“Pity. Am I in the will?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Then with another kiss, he put her down and was out the door.

Hetty watched him go with a fond look. “Such a lovely man.”

Finally she turned to Kensi and said, “Some advice. Never get into a relationship with a man who has a price on his head larger than your mortgage. It never ends well. What? Oh, I never did anything, but some days I couldn’t help but consider. Sadly, that was enough. He could always tell what I was thinking. Well, back to work.”

She ignored the shocked agents she left behind.

G finally broke the silence. “I… don’t even know what to say to that.”

Sam knew exactly what to say. “I’m wondering how much the price is, who’s offering, and why. And what we were doing working with someone with a price like that.”

“And yet we’re never going to know,” Nate pointed out, “because looking would require researching one of Hetty’s exes.”

That was a very good point. And they had other, less dangerous, work to do, like tracking down killers. They got back to it. 
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The Sentinel is a fun show with the basic premise that some people (Sentinels) have hyperactive senses (sight, hearing, etc, including psychic visions) that let them do all sorts of impressive things but also come with weaknesses that require someone else (a Guide) to help them control.

Canonically, the existence of Sentinels and Guides are not widely known although there are some shadowy government types who have a clue. However, there's a significant subset of the fandom that writes AU stories in which the phenomenon is well known and well documented. I like this variation.

And given that I'm still neck deep in my obsession with NCIS, of course I have an idea for a crossover.

I have this idea that Gibbs is a Sentinel: after all he always seems to know what people are saying, even when they're across the room, knows when people are lying to him, and gets "gut feelings" which are generally dead accurate. So I have this idea that Gibbs is a Sentinel and he knows it. He has always known it and was perfectly fine with it. In fact, Shannon, his first wife, was his Guide.

Then she dies and he suppresses most of his abilities. He attempts to replace her every so often looking for a red-headed woman to marry and it generally goes poorly for all concerned. (That's canon.) But he doesn't tell anyone about his first marriage (again: canon) or being a suppressed Sentinel.

Then Tony DiNozzo arrives.

Tony may or may not know he's a Guide, but it's not a flashy thing, and in canon mostly means he likes people and gets along well with most people. But he is a Guide and he while he doesn't know that Gibbs is a Sentinel, Gibbs certainly knows that Tony is a Guide.

When Gibbs hired Tony, he didn't think it would matter. As time passes however, Gibbs discovers that his senses are beginning to present themselves again. Because he won't actively seek Tony's assistance with them, Gibbs can't use them to their fullest extent, but they're still better than before. Plus, Tony and Gibbs are each able to do things like successfully order and/or beg each other not to die. (Both Sentinel and NCIS canon) So Gibbs is trying to deal with his senses and Tony's presence and having a Guide again without telling Tony that he's been co-opted as Gibbs' Guide in the first place.

It would be oodles of fun and I really want to read this story. If someone knows something similar or writes it up, please let me know.

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NCIS has recently taken over my life. A fabulous show. I'm currently on disc two of season four, having worked my way there from disc one of season one not all that long ago. A really good show: the characters are quirky, the crimes are interesting, the filming is lovely.

Like many shows i have now seen, I started watching it to get some background for the fandom.

Normally I watch a few episodes, I might like it or not, but I'll continue to like the fandom more. (For instance, Vathara's stories got me watching Airwolf, but her stories are far, far better than the canon. I love those characters but her versions will always be the primary ones in my mind.)

However, watching NCIS is the first time that the cannon has far outstripped the fandom in quality. There's always a lot of dreck to weed through for good fic, but this is just weird. I have now read some really, really well-written stories, the stories that seem to be the classics of the genre, and they all have the tendency of turning Tony DiNozzo into a thirteen-year-old girl. What's up with that? 

He's an awesome character: he's strong, silly, resilient, something of an ass, often takes his own jokes a bit too far, occasionally gets a joke played on him taken a bit too far, but on the occasions when he drops the teasing and is serious, he's an adult.

One of the things I love about fanfic in general is that it gives more depth and insight to the events of canon. So a lot of fanfic around DiNozzo focuses on a few central stories that the authors then delve into. I seriously get worried now when I watch them, wondering if this is the time when the show writers brought out the angst. And each time it isn't. DiNozzo can and does take care of himself. So what's up with the fandom? 

(There are exceptions to this, here and here and here for instance, but still, these should be the rule rather than the exception, and all of them are rather short. If you have more exceptions, please let me know. I really want to read a good long story in which Tony is both the silly ass he is and the competent adult he also is.)

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This livejournal is supposed to be a way of getting rid of excess plot-bunnies. I put them out to pasture and they go away. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be a perfect success rate. On my morning commute, the following bit of NCIS / Dark Angel just burst into life and I had to write it. Sigh.

Even more unfortunate is that it appears to be a prologue. I have no idea what or if the greater story will be.

Prologue: Seeing Eyes )

I wound up writing this completely. First posted on 6/3/09. Completed on 12/27/09.
It's available here on
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I have recently become absolutely enthralled with the TV show NCIS. It's Naval Criminal Investigatory Service, so military police drama, and all the characters in it are real characters.

I have this image of Amanda, the immortal thief, somehow getting involved with them, sometime when Kate is working for NCIS. Kate would be all sympathetic with whatever story Amanda was telling and would warn Tony off from skirt-chasing the poor innocent Amanda. Tony would tease Kate about Amanda being just his type (lovely, long-legged, buxom, female...) until he got a good look at her face at which point he'd say, "never mind. I'm not going near her without a marine guard. And probably not then."

This is far enough out of character that everyone looks at him. "What? I spent two weeks under review in Philadelphia after an undercover op  completely failed to catch her in the act. Don't you guys recognize her? That's Amanda. The Amanda. The current Amanda of the line of Amanda's that Interpol has been tracking since before they were Interpol."

Kate would be all, "but... she's all... innocent..."

Tony, "not in this universe."

And Gibbs would give that smile that he sometimes does and start walking off towards wherever Amanda is, "this I have to see."

At this point, I'm not sure if Ducky is an immortal himself or if he happens to know about immortals or if he's completely unaware of them, but I think he and Amanda get along beautifully together and trade stories and actually listen to each other's stories.

The more I think of the cross-over, though, the more complex the plot gets.

Becuase it could be an issue that simply has Amanda as a witness or bystander and that's that. But I am more inclined to the idea that Methos is trying to do something big (Possibly steal a nuclear submarine, he's not evil, he just likes to be prepared for all eventualities, and you never know when you might need a nuclear submarine or some other esoteric Navy item. Possibly infiltrate the military dna database so that immortals are harder to track down. Possibly some nameless task that is just really, really important and difficult.) Normally, he would do whatever it is that he needs to do and leave very little evidence behind, and that would be that. However, NCIS and Gibbs' team in particular has become very good at figuring things out on very little evidence.

So, rather than merely leave very little evidence, he decides that the best way to remain hidden is to bury what evidence is inevitable in a massive amount of other evidence. So he calls in some favors and grants some other favors and suddenly Ducky is distracted by the fact that his morgue has lost a body ("Bodies don't just walk out of my morgue, Jethro!"), there's a terrorist cell that makes an attack ("This doesn't make sense, Director. I would swear that I broke them in interogation, but the intel they had... it looks like they were set up, not us."), and evidence of a sailor was left behind at a major diamond heist ("the theif got in, without setting off any alarms, successfully avoids giving the camera any glimpse of her face, and yet wears a naval uniform? That's just weird.")

It would be an absolute mess, with everyone in NCIS working their tails off trying to figure out how and why all of these cases are hitting them at once and how and why they all seem to be interconnected.

Amanda has red hair at this point and gets away with lots of flirting with everyone and a fair number of diamonds into the bargain, Methos who never actually appears in person in the story gets whatever it was that he was actually trying to do, and the NCIS guys deal with various terrorists and bad guys. And are possibly mailed a diamond or two later letting them know that Amanda didn't die in her escape.


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