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LIfe continues to be tough going but there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. And even if it's an approaching train, maybe I'll be able to hitch a ride, so that would work out, too. Here's hoping.

In the meantime, this article about the end of a turtle marriage makes me sad. They were together for 115 years, but have since turned violent and had to be separated. It brought up the issue, however, of immortal marriage. If you live forever or even for a super long time, marriage seems like it could wind up being a bad idea. But I was thinking: many of the vampires and immortals in fiction these days tend to have mortal identities which they just change periodically, so no one notices that they age. Maybe immortal beings should just always restrict their marriages to the length of their mortal identities. Thus, it is marriage "until death do you part" except that it's the death of the identity rather than the death of the actual person. And if two immortals really love each other, then each successive set of identities can get married, but there would always be that renewable requirement. Plus, if one spouse wanted to get out of the marriage sooner, they could just fake their own death, leaving their spouse to finish out the years of their own identity as a "grieving widow," minus the actual grief, plus some nicely ambiguous raging to the heavens of "why did enter_name_here leave me?!?"

Also, having informed my sister that my cat is "Audrey, Lady of the Leaps" by day, but by night, down at the speakeasy, she goes by "Cat McLegs", my sister told me that there clearly needed to be RPF about my cat. Without having any plans to actually write any thing like that, I have to wonder, exactly how crazy of a cat lady would I need to be, in order to write my-cat!fanfic? 


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