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 I am once more back to reading a bunch of The Sentinel AUs around the idea that of what if Sentinels and Guides were a known thing. And it occurred to me that pretty much all of the stories have Sentinels as the primary powerful individual and the Guides as their support, to help them achieve all they can achieve and all that. Power dynamics and social situations vary, story by story, but the focus remains on the Sentinels. 

But what about the reverse: There are these Guides, who just think outside the box and trail blaze new paths for whole populations and are destined to achieve great things if they can just survive long enough and avoid assassination by the power structures who don't want any new paths cleared. 

And Guides just get themselves into so much trouble and the Sentinels are the ones who find them and imprint on them and become their body guards and their war leaders. 

And so of course Daniel Jackson is a Guide, even though he's depressed and doesn't think he'll be able to change society because he got laughed out of academia; and Jack O'Neill is a Sentinel who thought he'd found his purpose in the military and lost it with his family. But then they meet and go through the Stargate and now Daniel doesn't even care about the whole Guide thing because he's too busy actually accomplishing amazing things and meeting amazing people to care about some stupid destiny marker or whatever. And Jack is scrambling behind him to keep him protected and going, come on, I'm your Sentinel I need to keep you safe, please stop throwing yourself into danger!

And Sam and Teal'c kind of look at this dynamic and are like, wow, Jack, you are not going to accomplish protecting that guide on your own. So, I guess you now have a team to help you with that because he's a guide that's a guide.

Meanwhile, Rodney McKay is a Guide who thinks any Sentinel within his immediate vicinity should be making sure he's safe and any Sentinel outside of his immediate vicinity is out of sight and out of mind.  

And John Sheppard, who has always had mixed feelings about his Sentinel status because his father wanted him attached to an ambassador or politician, and he liked his freedom too much to want to be tied to a single person, finds himself just enthralled with Rodney who is accomplishing what no one else can do and manages to be super demanding and super accommodating at the same time to all of John's issues.  

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Real life has been draining enough that I've largely reverted to fandom lurking even more than previously. (which is saying something, because previous levels of activity were not setting the bar very high.) And I've been reading a lot of really self-indulgent stuff that, for me, includes a lot of fanfic of the Sentinels & Guides Are Known AUs

Of course, there's no escaping rabid plot-bunnies when reading that much of a single topic area, at least not for me.

And thus I have a plot-bunny for a Stargate Atlantis fanfic set in the type of Sentinels & Guides are known and have various legal protections AU.

The idea starts with the standard trope of: 
Rodney McKay is a Sentinel who doesn't think he should need a Guide and John Sheppard is a Guide who's been hiding his status in order to maintain his military position

However, it turns out that McKay is right, that he doesn't really need a Sentinel because:
1. he's very careful (and vocal) about policing his own allergies
2. the things he works on are so massive or so infintesimal that not even he could see them with physical senses anyway, so there's no need to push his senses since he's dealing with galaxies and electrons
3. his sense of "protect the tribe" is on just as massive a scale as his science, so he's determined to ensure that humanity survives on different planets and has the capabilities to protect themselves etc, and he's not interested in protecting any particular individual

Second however, is that Radek Zelenka didn't pass his background check to get onto the Atlantis expedition. He's from the Czech Republic and was part of the protests in the 1980s. Obviously this can't stand since McKay wants Radek on the expedition, and thus McKay declares that Zelenka is his Guide and thus has to come on the expedition regardless of the failed background check.

Everyone knows that McKay is lying, except that there's just this shadow of a doubt, because McKay and Radek really do work together extremely well, they're both super smart and can pass any of the variety of standardized tests to weed out fake pairings, and it's really a bit taboo to question a sentinel about the appropriateness of their guide as a guide. So, everyone *strongly suspects* it's a lie, but McKay is officially down as a bonded sentinel and Zelenka is officially down as a bonded guide.

Then along comes Sheppard, joining the expedition at the last minute, and unaware of all the unofficial versions of the official files.

So, of course, Sheppard and McKay are excellent matches for each other. But, and this is the thing, they're all adults. Not only are they all adults, but they're also completely disconnected from Earth for some time. So McKay joins Sheppard's SGA-1, and Sheppard starts hanging out more in the labs, and everyone side-eyes all three of them for a bit but mostly get distracted by trying to stay alive and generally running for their lives.

And then they get back in contact with Earth.


I'm not entirely sure what happens at that point, but I think maybe people from Earth (Blair and Jim maybe?) come in a delegation to make sure everything is okay and deal with all the psychological trauma that must have been experienced and are just kind of boggled by how well everyone is doing and how poorly any of this is going to fit into any sort of template report.

("You can't just declare that you have a sentinel-guide bond to every single person you want to make sure stays on the expedition, Rodney!" 
"Why not? It's true!" 
"It's not true!" 
"But you can't prove it's not!") 

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So 2014 sucked pretty badly. I am really hoping that 2015 is a massive improvement. (And please, please let it not be worse -- I have a finite number of family members.)

Anyway, the end of the year showed some improvement and the new year is starting off well. So I am paying a bit more attention to fandom and realized how long it's been since I posted here. Even when I had posted fanfic, I never got around to updating here. So, to correct this error: 

The Price of Secrets (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Buffy and NCIS
Summary: This fight for jurisdiction did not go the way Gibbs had expected.

Leah's Happy Ending (on AO3)
Fandom: the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs
Summary:Everyone knew that Bran had only married Leah because she was too stupid and petty for him to ever run the risk of falling in love with her. No one thought about how Leah herself must feel that knowledge like a constant insult. No one deserves that kind of abuse.

The Ambassador (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Labyrinth and Stargate
Summary: Ambassador Sarah Williams is brought in to the Stargate program to help deal with the Tok'ra. (set after Her Kingdom as Great, and does not stand on its own.)

Smooth as a River Stone (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Highlander and Stargate
Summary: Thousands of years later, Jake O'Neil's descendant looks out the temple palace to see what the god Methos sees. (This will make absolutely no sense if you haven't already read A Square Peg in a Round Hole.)

To everyone reading this: Happy new year!

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So I've been enjoying the comment-fic community for a while now but recently posted a prompt that has since developed into practically a full plot-bunny.

So Hikaru no Go is a really awesome manga (and anime, too) about two kids playing a board game. No, really. It's professional level and highly competitive Go and there's a thousand-year-old ghost, Sai, who teaches the main character, Hikaru, how to play the game, but it's another kid, Akira, who teaches Hikaru to be devoted to the game. And together Hikaru and Akira are determined to reach "the Hand of God", ie the perfect hand (i.e. move) in the perfect game (of Go).

There's a scene relatively early in Hikaru's development where he imagines each stone he places on the board like placing a star in the sky. 

But the goal in Go is to make connections and to block the other guy from making connections, and to take over territory, etc.

So with that bit of background on Hikaru no Go, I want a crossover with Stargate.

Okay, bear with me.

Say Hikaru and Akira achieve the Hand of God. It's perfection, especially given their shared obsession, and the achievement of focus and meditation and a type of all-encompassing understanding of infinite future possibilities, etc., and results in the two of them ascending a la Stargate's ascended beings.

But, well, I did mention that Hikaru and Akira are both obsessed with the game of Go, and each other, and each other's ability to play the game of Go... so while the rest of their friends and family may or may not know what happened, they are pretty much unconcerned with the fact that they just ascended and continue to play their next game. Except, of course, they don't have a regular board to play on anymore, so they move on to playing somehow with the Stargate connections. I'm not sure exactly how this would work.

But the plot, such as it is, is that Stargate Command now needs to deal with a pair of obsessive and bickering teenage (or maybe older at this point, but still obsessive and bickering) Go professionals who ascended and are now messing around with the Stargate system. They're not evil, but they're not helpful either. And it's possible that the rest of the ascended beings are trying to figure out if Hikaru and Akira are breaking the rules by interfering in mortal lives except that they're not really doing so and certainly not for the reasons why Jackson did.

Plus, ascension is supposed to be a personal and individual transformation, not a joint effort. But Akira and Hikaru are all, like, what do you mean, Go is a game for two, you need two people to reach the Hand of God, after all.

I'm not sure where it goes from there. Maybe Daniel or the other ascended beings finally convince Akira and Hikaru to float off somewhere else and teach more people on other planets to play Go. Or maybe Teal'c convinces them to go to the Jaffa rebellion and teach them, since it's such a great strategy game.

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Prompt #1: 

Ficlet #1: Bullets really suck

Prompt #2: 

Ficlet #2: Bad luck

Plus, I signed up for the Highlander Secret Santa and received my prompt yesterday. Hee, hee. It will get written sometime within the next two months and will get posted in mid December.

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Comment-fic is highly addictive.

prompt #1: SG-1, Tealc, Samson

Ficlet #1: No freedom here

prompt #2: Any, any, Hurts - Wonderful Life

Ficlet #2: (inception, Arthur) Everybody grieves in their own way

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I'm not sure if it was while watching Avatar: the Last Airbender or while reading related fanfic, that I discovered that benders didn't tend to use weapons. Zuko is unusual in that he is a fire bender who can also use a sword. Most benders just use their bending for both offense and defense, and people with weapons are clearly marked as not being benders.

Another thing is that the Air Nomads all seemed to be benders. The other nations had a much longer percentage of benders in their populations. But let's pretend for a bit that instead most people, in any given nation, are benders.

So, I had a thought: 

SG-1 walks through the stargate and comes out near some small village in the Avatar universe. It doesn't even matter which nation it is. Just four soldiers all armed to the teeth, saying, "We're just peaceful travelers. We come in peace. etc."

O'Neill thinks it's getting to be increasingly ridiculous to introduce themselves that way when they are so obviously armed soldiers. Most of the people they meet on trips think it's ridiculous, too, and tend to try to kill them. These villagers on the other hand seem only slightly amused and condescending when they agree that SG-1 are peaceful visitors.

What's odder still is that a couple of times the adults in the village have had to take the village children to task for making fun of the poor strangers with their many guns.

Then they see some school yard scuffle between two kids. It might involve them throwing boulders at each other or maybe shooting flames. The school teacher walks right into the middle of it, breaks up the fight and gives both kids detention. Nobody is hurt.

But even Teal'c is disturbed.

Jackson goes around chatting with various people and finally comes back to the SG-1 to explain that, "well, everyone is a bit condescending BECAUSE we're carrying weapons, not despite it."


"It's a bit like if someone on prosthetic legs or in a wheelchair came to the SGC and announced that they didn't intend to challenge anyone to a hand-to-hand fight."


"I'm beginning to see why the Goa'uld never tried to conquer this place." 

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I had a thought which is that Cassandra of the Highlander universe has The Voice. It's deeper than her natural voice, with unearthly reverberations and she can command obedience when she uses it. (People like Methos or any of the other horsemen can withstand it fairly easily, but they're uber powerful and she's scared of them anyway, so.) I wanted her to come in contact with a Goa'uld and command the Goa'uld to leave its host. And it does.

The SGC is stunned.

So is the goa'uld.

Anyway, I started to think about how to set up a scenario in which this happens.

I'm thinking General O'Neill is working in the Pentagon when somehow The Trust force a goa'uld into him. He rants and raves but there is nothing he can do about it. He curses his own maverick nature because as oddly as the goa'uld behaves using him, everyone thinks that it's just O'Neill doing something crazy. Everyone on his side trusts him implicitly, everyone on the other side realizes he's been compromised, and there's nothing he can do about it.

Then there's a meeting with that one woman with the NID. (The NID is an oversight group, and is actually an important group to have. It sucks majorly that there was so much conflict with the SGC, and the rogue element is definitely bad, but having checks and balances on a military base is vital.) He doesn't like Cassandra Troy who is arrogant and demanding, smart and capable, but he does respect her. She's also beautiful enough for a goa'uld to want her as a host, and in a position of enough power that it would be a good move for the goa'uld to do so.

She comes into the meeting. The goa'uld who is controlling O'Neill reveals himself and tells her that he is a god and she should bow down to him, yadda-yadda.

O'Neill wants to scream at her to run but she doesn't even have the wits to look scared. Instead she raises an eyebrow and says that, while yes, she's willing to accept his claim of being a god, he should know that she really hates petty gods such as he. She has no intention of bowing down to him... she hasn't bowed down to a god like that since she was quite a bit younger.

Various minions of the goa'uld try to attack her but she uses The Voice to tell them to stop. They obey.

O'Neill is beginning to wonder if she should be scared of her rather than for her.

She then explains that she's been keeping tabs on the fight between the mortals and the gods in the heavens. As long as the fight remains distant, then she's willing to leave it to the mortals. But if the goa'uld ever win enough to bring the battle to the Earth, then they'll find that other gods have grown up in the ten thousand years since they were there last. And those gods will fight. And Cassandra really does not want those gods to be reawakened. Death stopped riding his white horse three millennium ago. She, Cassandra, had a vision that says if the Gods in the Heavens attack the Mortals on the Ground, then the Solstice Child will ride to war against them and Death will follow after.  And Cassandra will do her best to make damn sure that never happens.

Then she summons the goa'uld out of O'Neill, hands the wiggling thing to one of the minions who is still frozen where he stood, and tells them to leave and take her warning with them.

I think she probably leaves after that and O'Neill is stuck (a) trying to track Cassandra down, (b) trying to figure out how to duplicate whatever it was that Cassandra did in order to get the goa'uld out of him, (c) trying to track the goa'uld down, (d) trying to fix all the things that the goa'uld did while in possession of his body, and (e) wondering exactly who the Solstice Child and Death are.

I'm not sure if this is a one-shot or the start of something, but whatever it is, the main Highlander character is definitely Cassandra, because I would like more stories in which she is developed fully as a character.
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When starting on writing A Square Peg in a Round Hole, I wound up with four distinct premises. I chose the Square Peg premise for no particular reason, and in developing that one, I partially cannibalized this plot bunny. If you’ve read that story, then you’ll doubtless recognize some of the themes that come up here. None the less, it does limp along, still alive in its own right, with it’s own plot and character interactions.

Anyway, here’s the third of three:


Methos looked at the military group.

The military group looked at Methos. And pointed their guns at him. And apparently signaled for backup because here came more military people with guns all directed at him.

Methos wondered how he managed to always get himself into these situations.

Most immortals, Methos knew, did not get usable or coherent memories from a quickening. Of those who did, most contented themselves with clearing out the various bank accounts and jewelry caches the dead immortal had handy while leaving strange and potentially dangerous artifacts alone. It was only Methos who could inherent a hidden chapp’ai along with the knowledge of how to use it. And it was only Methos who would then consider it a good way to escape the game for brief periods of time. A year or decade or two spent on some other planet could occasionally seem like just what the doctor ordered.

And the first two times he had taken off it had been quite nice.

It was the third when, rather than being spit out of the wormhole onto some foreign planet, he came out on his own world but in a military instilation.

He sighed deeply. It must just be his karma.

He turned his hands forward in a universal sign of peace, showing that they were empty and slowly raised them until they were stretched out to either side and allowed himself to fall backwards into the wormhole that still swirled behind him.


General Hammond had been looking out over the gate room as the wormhole was engaged as it was his habit to watch when any of his teams went through it. As SG1 started up the ramp, he had wondered what adventures they would have this time. But they hadn’t even reached the event horizon yet when a man had stepped out.

The stranger had looked just as surprised to see SG1 as they had been to see him. If the situation weren’t so serious, Hammond would have laughed.

As a marine troop pounded into the room, the various techs in the control room tried to fiugre out what had happened, but the general could already guess what the problem was: they had opened the wormhole from their end and the stranger had simply walked through. The iris only closed if the wormhole was dialed in from somewhere else. It was a serious flaw in their security but it was one that would have to be dealt with later because as the marines were still entering the room, the stranger spread his arms wide and fell back into the wormhole.

It was a surprisingly elegant move.

Colonel O’Neil looked back and up at the control center with a question evident on his face. General Hammond leaned forward to speak into the microphone. “Mission is still a go. Figure out who that guy was and where he came from.”


Methos really did hate taking quickenings. His problem wasn’t with the process itself but with the consequences. Beyond the obvious of having to deal with a dead body and matching head. The problem with taking a quickening was that he was taking somebody’s entire life into himself, and these people had generally had long interesting lives that included taking the quickenings of other people who had also had long interesting lives that included taking the quickenings of other people, ad infinitum. It was, quite frankly, confusing. And it took seemingly forever to organize all the new memories in his mind.

There was a silver lining though. The memories did give him knowledge of all sorts of hidden stashes and bank vaults such that old immortals tended to keep filled with artifacts of various sorts.

It had always surprised Methos that most immortals didn’t have to deal with this. He supposed their subconscious took all the memories and hid them away somewhere. MacLoed certainly never saw the world from any perspective but his own. MacLeod’s student, Richie, had once said that he saw faces of people he didn’t know while taking quickenings but had mentioned nothing more than that.

Methos, however, had to take weeks or even months of meditation after a quickening to sort through all of the memories received. Sometimes he would dream of fighting except he would remember the fight through both eyes even as one killed the other.


“You’re searching for gods so that you can kill them?” The stranger looked taken aback.

Daniel rushed to explain. “No. They’re not real gods. They say they’re gods, but they’re really these snake like aliens who simply have tricks.”

“Then you should not say you are searching for gods. You should say you are searching for snake like aliens who falsely call themselves gods. There is a difference.”

“No. The gods are false and will betray you.”

The stranger snorted. “Not all gods are false gods, and not all false gods are these snake like aliens you describe. You should be careful in your words for they confuse your intent.”

“Of course.” Jackson was suitably chastised.

O’Neil, of course, was not. “How so? We’ve never come across any one calling themselves a god who was not a goa’uld.”

The stranger looked amused. “And do you never come across new things? Ah, but if so, then I will shock you. I have been a false god.”


“It was long ago and I no longer look for worship.”


They traveled as a group to the riverside, the stranger, the villagers, and SG1. The villagers stopped some meters distance from the edge, SG1 stood a bit closer, but the stranger walked right up to the edge, so that the waters lapped at the toes of his shoes. Teal’c and O’Neill stood prepared to fight a Goa’uld, should the demons of the river be such, and the stranger taken over.

They all waited in silence, a frozen tableau.

Then a mature go’ald flung itself from the water, and headed straight at the stranger. The stranger made no move to protect himself, although all the members of SG1 had seen him perform kata’s before and move quickly when confronted with danger.

But the stranger didn’t react.

It was Daniel Jackson who reacted the quickest of all the witnesses as he lunged forwards and pulled the stranger away from the waters edge. He moved quickly, but it was far from being quick enough to save the stranger from goa’uld possession. However, the stranger was turned to face them when his eyes shown gold. But rather than being the steady gold they had seen before, the strangers eyes flickered and streaked with silver, like lightning. And then his eyes were totally silver, and then they were the hazel color they had been when SG1 had first seen him.

Throughout the change, his face had been utterly relaxed and expressionless. But as his eyes returned to normal, he smiled. No. He grinned, and laugh lines appeared on his face.

“Oh, that was an interesting experience. To carry the dead of another species, and such a species it is. Why, it has inherited memory!” The stranger laughed with delight. “I shall have to do that again sometime, it died too quickly and too completely for me to get much more than a brief impression. But, oh, there are worlds opening up to me.”

“Can you rid the river of them then?” The headman of the village was more interested in the welfare of his village than in the strangers odd delights. Wandering spirits, whether good or bad, had to be treated respectfully but firmly.

“I can clean the river of all living things for half a days walk in either direction. Any people in the water will not survive, and you will get no fish for many days, maybe many moons. Can you accept that?”

“The demons have kept people from these waters already, and we have had no fish from here since they came, nor would we ever again if they do not leave. We will honor you and pack your bags full of food and clothing if you clean this river.”

Methos smiled. He liked the headsman. A good village headsman knew that you had to honor a demon hunter or wandering spirit, or whatever he thought Methos was, or else you risked his anger, but on the other hand, once the deed was done, you wanted the being gone. “That is acceptable.”

Methos waved everyone back, and they all drew back even further from the rivers edge. He went to what seemed to him an acceptable distance and stripped down to his underwear. After some consideration of water and blood and such, he removed his underwear as well. He had felt naked ever since he had removed his knives, anyway. He picked up one of his daggers and with it, walked into the river. This time, when go’ald jumped at him, he knocked them away. He was in the center of the river, and could barely touch the ground with is toes and keep his head over water when he turned the knife on himself and cut himself deeply across the stomach.

It hurt, but he was thankful that he was in water, so that his intestines were bouyed up and he didn’t have to feel them dripping down his legs. While he was still concious, he sliced his chest and his thighs as well. When he died, he could already feel his quickening coursing through his body and blood, expanding through the river, up stream and down, like the strike of a lightening bolt frozen in time.

From the shore, they couldn’t see what was happening. It was only when the red cloud formed around the stranger, that the witnesses cried out. The stranger ,who had been standing mostly upright, drifted so as to be floating on the water. And then the fish and go’ald started appearing. They drifted up to the surface and floated there, dead. The dead fish seemed to cover the surface of the water in the iridescent silver of their scales. The only break in it, was the pink body of a man.

Everyone was talking and exclaiming and looking at each other with wide uncertain eyes. It was the headman and Daniel Jackson who continued to watch the dead body. Daniel knew that this man who said he carried his dead with him and had been worshiped as a harbinger of death would not succumb to death so easily, and merely for the cleaning of a single river. The headman knew that spirits were tricky things, and never left unpaid. If this being had been promised full packs of good food and clothing, then he would be around to collect those packs. Nothing came for nothing. And thus it was these two that saw the body convulse once and then lift it’s head to take a breath of air, before half swimming, half wadding back to shore, pushing aside the dead bodies of fish and goa’uld.


“Death is a major event. It should not be taken lightly. Even the temporary death of an old false god such as myself effects the world around it.”

“Is that how you brought death before? When you were a god of death?”

“No, no. Generally then, I just killed people. By disease or starvation, by war or treachery, we killed them, but not by my own death.”

“Sometimes you say ‘we’ and sometimes ‘I’.”

“Indeed I do.” The stranger relented after a long teasing moment. “I had brothers during that time, and we killed together. I brought death, but together we brought the end of the world. My favorite brother was the end of time.”


"Among my people there are three kinds of death. There’s first death, and last or final death, and then there’s all those deaths in between. First death is important because that is the death where you don’t know that you’re coming back. Final death is important because that is the death where you don’t come back. The intermediate deaths hurt just the same, and scare, almost as much, but they hold less importance over all. For example, they can be used to clean a river."
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When I wrote A Square Peg in a Round Hole, I had a whole set of ideas for how to get Methos in contact with the SGC crew. At request, I’m posting what ideas I had at the time that I didn’t go forward with. Of them all, this was the closest second. I almost went with it a number of times and it wound up being more random chance than any particular reason that I went with Square Peg instead. .

The second of three Methos/Stargate plot-bunnies:

The bar was closed to the public but full of Watchers. They were all trading stories and just generally debreifing each other as they did every couple of weeks. When you had a secret life it was important to find some time to speak freely.

When teh phone rang, Joe Dawson, bar owner and area supervisor, delegated the task of answering it to one of his subordinates both in watcher training and in bar tending. He didn’t even think much of it until the young watcher put his hand over the mouthpiece and called out, “Guys? It’s someone calling for Methos.”

Dead silence.

Joe gave an agonized look at Adam Pierson whom he alone, of all the watchers, knew to be both immortal and that most elusive of the immortals, Methos. But everyone was looking around, confused and worried. Was Methos here? Did someone know they were watchers? Were they in danger? What should they do?

Finally Adam stood up. “Unless someone here is going to admit to being immortal, being my immortal...?” He paused and looked at each person in turn, studying them for some sign. “I’m going to answer and see what I can learn.”

There were nods of comprehension and approval and a few mouthed “good idea”s but everyone sat silent as he took the phone. “Yes?”

The Watchers watched and listened, straining to hear every word.


The Watchers milled around the bar quietly unhappy. The fact that Adam Pierson was fluent in multiple otherwise-dead languages had never before been so frustrating. Only two watchers, who had had previous assignments in Egypt, stayed still and focused near the bar, trying to understand a language that was like and yet unlike that which they knew.

But everyone perked up again when ADam spoek loudly in English. “If you harm him in any way before I get there I will personally skin you alive with a red hot spoon!”

The Watchers were pretty evenly split between looking appalled at the normally mild and gentle researcher’s threat and looking greatly impressed by it.

The phone back in its cradle, Adam slumped on a stool with his head in his hands. One of the more impatient of the Watchers finally said, “Well?”

Adam’s eyes were tired and his smile weak. “False alarm as far as Methos goes. A contact of mine wanted to get through to me without giving away my name. He doesn’t know who or what Methos is, just that its a word I keep track of, that I would respond to. He’s been arrested by the US military and is slated for execution.”

“I’m sorry, Adam.”


“But due process!”

“Who was your contact?”

“Why does a researcher have a contact?”

The responses came more or less at the same time, but the last one had a few of them puzzled. Active watchers might have “contacts” to get them past security checkpoints or into places they couldn’t get on their own but researchers stayed in libraries, right? Occasionally traveled to see the sights but not following dangerous individuals.

“Black market antique rings and tomb raiders. Smuggling weapons on the side. Occasional forgery.”

Adam rubbed his eyes again and they all remembered that it was late at night (or early in the morning, as the case may be) and they'd all been drinking. “The military was almost certainly monitoring that line so the security of this bar has been compromised. I’m sorry, Joe.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not the first time I’ve been investigated and I doubt it’ll be the last.”

“Be careful. That goes for all of you. Something screwy is going on. He had some of the best security I’ve seen but they caught him anyway. And they were just waiting to shoot.”

“Uh-huh,” Joe agreed warily. “And what about you?”

“The name Methos is used in a mysterious situation... I’ll investigate it, of course,” Adam spoke in mock surprise.

“You said it had nothing to do with Methos.”

“Yeah. But it does have to do with my friends and its still a mysterious situation.”


The SGC agents looked up from Daniels translation of what their most recent prisoner had said on the phone before they had managed to subdue him.


“That’s the translation.” Daniel shrugged with some bemusement of his own. “That’s what was said.”

“He is a goa’uld, isn’t he?” Jack asked.

It was a serious question. Sure, their prisoner had the goa’uld voice and the flashing eyes, but still… “the host called his dad?”


The plot is that Methos had a son some two or three thousand years ago. He did not want him to die. And he was friends with a goa’uld. So for the last couple of thousand of years Methos has had a friend and a son who are immortal but not part of The Game. He loves having an immortal family and now someone is threatening that.
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When I posted Escape Route loe these many years ago, my first Methos in the Stargate universe, I commented:

For some reason I have discovered in my head half a dozen or so plot bunnies that get Methos involved with the SGC in some way or another, as ally or enemy or just someone really annoying sitting back and mocking their struggles. This was the shortest smallest plot bunny that's sort of me testing the waters of this crossover universe.

Later I wound up writing a longer Methos in the Stargate universe story, A Square Peg in a Round Hole, commenting:

When I started writing this Highlander/Stargate crossover I had four completely different ways of fitting the two universes together plus a smattering of random scenes. At this point I think I have waffled enough about which one is really the best one to go with and so have simply decided to pick one and post it and then see where I go from here.

I recently got a request from Mountain Elements / [ profile] mountainelement to post the plot-bunnies for the other ideas that I had. Since I’m not planning writing any of these, I release them out to pasture. This one, the first of three, is the shortest one. It is also a rare one for me in that it’s slash. I rarely write romances and when I do, they tend to be, um, ruthless. (see: Her Kingdom as Great).

Anyway: the first of three:

Jack O’Neill looked furious. Sheppard paused for a moment to let him storm past. The Atlantis crew was back on Earth for the time being, hoping to get back to Atlantis someday. To do that they’d probably need O’Neill’s assistance at some point so Sheppard did not want to get on his bad side.

Although watching him go by there was more than just fury…

He would figure out what had happened soon enough. McKay didn’t even notice the pause, still groggy from Sheppard having dragged him away from his cot in the lab after only two hours of sleep. Finally, amongst all the chaos, he found Elizabeth.

“So, what happened?”

The words were barely out of Sheppard’s mouth when McKay squawked, “You don’t already know?” For an optimistic moment Elizabeth thought she might get out of explaining the situation herself.

“You dragged me out of bed away from my much needed sleep saying it was an emergency and you don’t even know what it is?”

“Elizabeth sounded stressed.” Shepherd shrugged.

“Well, now that I’m here anyway, what is going on?” Rodney frowned, took a sip of coffee and rather pointedly looked at the other small groups whispering to each other.

Elizabeth sighed. “There are a great many rumors going around at the moment but the basic facts are that Dr. Jackson started flickering into incorporeal blue light at about one thirty this morning, possibly re-ascending, but did settle back into solid human soon after.”

She paused trying to figure out how to phrase the next bit. Inspiration noticeably failed to strike.

Then Rodney appeared to finally wake up. “One thirty this morning? He left the base at eight. Where was he?”

“Shit. Tell me he wasn’t in a bar or anywhere with a lot of witnesses.” Sheppard didn’t want to be on Earth at all but he really, really didn’t want to be on Earth when there was a major leak like a person ascending in public.

“No, no,” Elizabeth hastened to assure them. “He was at his apartment at the time and his condition was called in directly to the SGC by a civilian he had over.”

Sheppard was watching her too closely. “What else?”

“A male civilian.”

Rodney snorted. Just amused, rather than coffee out the nose, she was relieved to see. “A male civilian who was in his presence at 3am in his apartment? And what exactly were they doing that made Jackson so content with the universe that he almost ascended? Or is that confidential?”

Rodney smirked. Elizabeth winced. Shepherd had that blank look on his face that could hide anything.

And yes, this is Methos and Daniel Jackson are lovers and after one particularly satisfying night, Daniel almost ascended. I have no idea where the story goes from there. But there’s certainly a lot of innuendo around base about Methos’ skills, as it were. (I do enjoy bedroom humor.) And any attempt at harassment does not end well when confronted by Methos who has actually dealt with a lot of it over the years, mostly a lot more deadly than this. (Consider being a stranger coming into a very insular village where everyone has known each other going back at least seven generations. Consider being harassed as a potential witch/demon/terrorist/etc and the villagers waiting to stone you out of sight. Consider doing this repeatedly. Then consider how unamused Methos would be to be outed on a modern military base. It's not a pleasant sight. And yet, it really, really is.)

Plus, Jack is jealous of Daniel (wanting him for himself) and Sheppard is probably jealous as well (wanting to have the freedom to be out rather than be severely closeted as he is.)

Beyond that, stuff happens. Any ideas? 
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A circle of coolness regarding the face-eating spindly-dromes of PG8-K59

A prompt by [ profile] bratfarrar

A creation by [ profile] pentapus (which is very, very cute, as all of her work is.)

A prompt by [ profile] marbleglove (me, in the comments section)

A creation by [ profile] bratfarrar
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I have this idea, that many before me have had, that Willow of the uber powers gets possessed by a goa'uld. Ooh, the terror.

However, it doesn't quite go the way it's planned. 

You see, Willow's powers are religion-based, not physical attributes. So the goa'uld gets into her, and can do anything it wants with her body but her mind is still there, seeing and experiencing what is happening. And her mind is still perfectly capable of praying, raising power, and/or casting spells.

So while everyone else is freaking out (oh no, Willow's gone evil again, sort of, what will we do?), Willow has a mild freak out of her own (oh no, why is there some alien calling itself a god moving my body like a puppet?) and then she casts a spell so that she's possessing the goa'uld who's possessing her, and while yes, the controls are a bit weird at this remove, she's not going to let someone else drive her body. 

She explains this to everyone else who all go O_o. 

Meanwhile the goa'uld is getting a short but intense introduction to what real gods are like and the dangers inherent in pissing off someone who has a close personal relationship with a real god. Through this experience, he's converted to Wiccan and becomes Willows apostle. 

Everyone (including Willow) goes O_o. 
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First, some background:

The old show "Sentinel", for those of you who don't know, is about a cop who has highly developed senses (hearing/vision/touch/taste/smell) as well as various mystical senses and is thus called a Sentinel. An anthropology grad student helps him deal with the sense without getting overwhelmed and be able to use them to their best ability to catch the bad guy of the week, and is thus called a Guide. All of this is done while trying to keep the fact of the sense a secret so as to avoid government laboratories. There's a lot of stress on the Sentinel needing a Guide.

Within the Sentinel fandom, there's a fairly popular genre of alternate universe stories, in which Sentinels and Guides are well known and quite useful resources. The fandom likes to deal with power issues and whether the Sentinels should subjugate the Guides or vise versa. However, regardless of the way the power goes, it's generally a theme that one of them can demand the presence of the other, even from society at large. There's even more stress on the two being bound together by uber mystical bindings.

So I have this idea in my head of a Stargate: Atlantis fusion with this alternate Sentinel universe.

There's Rodney McKay who's gung ho to go to Atlantis, and create the grand unified theory of everything. However, he needs the right people to get it done and he wants Radek Zelenka on his staff. Zelenka, unfortunately, has revolutionary ties and does not pass the background check. Rodney gets a bit pissy about this, then has the brilliant idea of declaring that he is a Sentinel and Zelenka is his Guide, thus Zelenka must be allowed to go with.

While this is patently a ploy to get his way, the government licensing agents for Sentinels come, Rodney passes all of their tests and nobody can figure out how he's cheating. (He is after all, brilliant.) They already knew, of course, that he had various allergies, and he says he never zones because he is brilliant and always thinking of too many things to ever zone on just one, especially something as trivial as a physical sense. And he says he has no problem with geographic boundaries because he's an astrophysicist and clearly his territory is the rest of the galaxy.

Zelenka is equally clearly not a guide, but this is even easier to fake because no one has ever developed a perfect way to identify guides.

Finally the government agents throw up their hands and say, fine, he can take Zelenka but if Zelenka is supposed to be his guide, then Rodney will have to be responsible for any security breaches he causes.

Rodney smirks triumphantly.

Meanwhile John Sheppard is a guide and has gone through life perfectly happy to hide that fact. He wants to fly planes and that's not really a good job for someone who's expected to be part of a duo.

Then they both get to Atlantis and John realizes that the way Rodney was faking being a Sentinel was that he wasn't faking. He is, in fact a Sentinel who was just more interested in the extremes of physics than in anything even his hyper senses could tell him.

They were both perfectly happy going through life as they were, until, of course, they are trapped together in a closed society on Atlantis, both of them needing every last skill they each possess and more to keep alive.

While, of course, never letting on that John's the Guide rather than Zelenka.

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This was written as a bribe for [ profile] lita_of_jupiter   so I hope it works.

Summary: SGA-Highlander xover. Atlantis is not like other bases, and the people who live there show it. Colonel Samantha Carter, new commander of Atlantis, gets some introductions to this.

This could be considered a sequel to one of my previous stories “Escape Route” but is not necessarily one. Anyway, I've actually been working on this for a couple of weeks now and I'm tired of it, so it will go up, and I have my fingers crossed that it isn't dreadful and I simply didn't notice. Sigh.

Go, read, let me know.

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