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So I've recently been reading The Dresden Files books. I still think the tv show was fabulous and am horrified that it was canceled so quickly, but the books have a certain something. Anyway, since this is me, I have ideas that involve Methos being in that universe. Now, [ profile] aeron_lanart  has already done a fabulous job of that with the Friends Like These... series, so I don't feel any particular need to fill the vacuum. However, one of the characters in the books is Mac McAnally. On Wikipedia, he's described as: 

Species: Unknown, presumably Human

Occupation: Pub owner

McAnally, better known as Mac, owns and runs McAnally's, a pub frequented by the magical fraternity, which is intentionally laid out in such a manner to disrupt the flow of magical energies, with the aim of preventing any unexpected manifestations that might be caused by a large assemblage of potentially drunk wizards. It is also noticeably lacking in items of technology that might be found in an ordinary pub, due to the negative effects on technology caused by the presence of a wizard. Tall and of indeterminate age, McAnally gives off a sense of strength and wisdom that commands the respect of his clientele. Generally taciturn, when he does choose to voice an opinion, Harry generally considers that opinion to be worth listening to. McAnally makes his own dark microbrew beer and fantastic steak sandwiches, which he cooks on a wood-burning stove.

McAnally appears to be regarded with some degree of respect by other supernatural groups; his pub is considered neutral ground for all signatories of the Accords. This makes his pub a common meeting place for parties who are warring and want to discuss things. It also means that it is possible to run into some less than desirable creatures inside the pub. In Small Favor, he develops some degree of respect for Karrin when she defends Harry from a Gruff, and brings out three bottles of a particularly good brew afterward.

Does this not sound like it could be Methos' next identity? 

One of the wonderful things about Methos being that you can give him drastic personality changes and shrug it off as reasonable because he's shifting identities.

Anyway, that's a basic character parallel that sprung to mind.

Not necessarily in the same story at all, an actual plot idea deals more with Cassandra, in part because there's not enough Cassandra fic that gives her character the complexity it needs. Too many people tell her to either simply get over her trauma or tell her that her extreme reactions are perfectly acceptable. There's a middle ground that says she was traumatized, it's not the sort of thing one gets over no matter how long it's been, and her survival not only demands that she somehow manage to move on with her life, her survival demonstrates that for long periods of time she has done so.

Anyway, she has a power of The Voice which allows her to command almost anyone to obey her will.

This is, incidentally, against one of the seven laws of magic in The Dresden Files universe. Breaking the laws earns an instant death sentence, execution by beheading. How then has Cassandra survived so long while using it so often? 

My idea is that Dresden is about to clobber the woman who is so shamelessly breaking the laws when the magic tag on her makes itself known to him. It's the sort of tag a master wizard might put on a journeyman under his protection. Saying, pretty much, if you touch this person, you'll be seeing me next. So either, he goes to her master first or he waits to be ambushed.

Hmm. Choices, choices. If she's still around, chances are her master is pretty darn nasty and has dealt with all other Wardens who would have had the same choice. So he confronts her.

Cassandra: what laws? what counsel? How is it possible that I've never heard of them before?
After all, she might not notice the Wardens, since she's used to people coming after her with swords trying to decapitate her, but surely she should be aware of the community at large.

Dresden: possibly because they all avoid you like the plague, since you are so easily breaking the laws of magic. They don't want to be considered accessories after all. Plus, from the looks of it, your master is a pretty nasty dude. Who is it?

Cassandra pauses: My master? I don't have a master!

Dresden: Well, you have a magic mark that says you do.

Cassandra: Methos!!! I am not your slave any more!

In the confrontation with Methos:

Dresden: But you're not a wizard.

Methos: Nope.

Dresden: But you have a magic claim mark on Cassandra.

Methos: My brother Caspian was a wizard. Not particularly powerful but he knew what he was doing. He made the mark for me.

Dresden: But what about when Wardens come for you?

Methos: You don't need to be a wizard to kill a Warden. I'd think your war has taught you that.

Cassandra: Why have you done this? Why did you not remove your, your slave collar from me? If not when I first left, then when we met at Duncan's?

Methos: Well, first off, I'm not a wizard. I can't remove the mark. Second, well, you needed the protection.

Cassandra: I'm not yours!

Methos: No, I have no current claim to you, but that doesn't change that we have history. In this, you have my protection.

Cassandra: No!

Methos shrugs.

Dresden tries to rub away the headache.


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