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A while back [ profile] lita_of_jupiter  and I were discussing the fact that there aren’t enough stories with Daniel “Oz” Osborne in them. In going through some of my older files, I discovered anther idea centered around him.

This is set in the Dark Angel universe, but only looks at the first season.

One of the characters is Sebastian, a brilliant man who’s a hacker and general knowledge resource. He saves the day several times. He’s also a quadriplegic who speaks through some sort of futuristic voice box.

I think this is Oz.

Let’s go back eleven years to the Pulse, a terrorist attack that released an electromagnetic pulse over North America, destroying all electronic information and devastating the USA. No further explanation is given of it. Thus, I think that’s the cover story for what really happened, which was an apocalyptic event that wound up killing most of the Scoobies. In the end, the Scoobies won, but only with great sacrifice: they closed the hellmouths and removed all magic from the world. Willow did it. All the Slayers died, all the demons died, all the humans with mystical abilities were harmed.

Oz’s body, which had been a werewolf, did not react well to this change. He was left paralyzed.

Now, back to the present day, Max (a renegade supersoldier and the main character of Dark Angel) is being tracked by Lydecker (the man responsible for training the government’s child-supersoldiers and the show’s main bad guy.) However, Lydecker has made a few comments regarding having to report the progress to “her.” And whoever she is, he’s scared of her.

That, by the way, is Willow.

She’s the one who cast the spell way back when that stopped the apocalypse but also killed all the Slayers and paralyzed Oz and devastated the country and removed her own magic. She didn’t react any better to this loss than Oz did, but it didn’t show on the outside.

Instead, she is determined to bring magic back. But she can’t. She’ll bring something back, then. She’ll bring back an army of Slayers.

So she studies genetic engineering, creates Manticore, and develops various supersoldiers who wind up escaping. She’s actually quite all right with that: it’s better that they’re out in the world rather than under anyone’s specific control. Lydecker doesn't know that, though, and even if he did, he wouldn't agree.

After that set-up, I'm not really sure what happens. Conflict ensues mostly.

Maybe Max and Logan manage to track down Willow (Lydecker's mysterious "she") and they kidnap her. Now they're not sure what to do with her. They don't know enough to even ask the right questions at this point. Sebastien contacts them or maybe they contact Sebastien, and he and Willow get together again and Willow finally has a chance to grieve. The whole story comes out and Max isn't sure at all what to make of it. After all, suddenly the situation isn't quite so black and white, good guys versus bad guys, as it previously was.

Who knows what happens next?
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This livejournal is supposed to be a way of getting rid of excess plot-bunnies. I put them out to pasture and they go away. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be a perfect success rate. On my morning commute, the following bit of NCIS / Dark Angel just burst into life and I had to write it. Sigh.

Even more unfortunate is that it appears to be a prologue. I have no idea what or if the greater story will be.

Prologue: Seeing Eyes )

I wound up writing this completely. First posted on 6/3/09. Completed on 12/27/09.
It's available here on


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