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So I was browsing TV Tropes and ran across the various gambits, including The Gambit Pileup which reminded me a prompt which then of course had to be filled:

Prompt: Inception/Highlander, Arthur + Methos, the only bank-robbery hostage worse than Arthur is Methos

Ficlet: The Gambit Pileup

Also, I forgot to link a previous ficlet here, so:

Prompt: Harry Potter/His Dark Materials, any, The day their daemon settles is during the first battle at Hogwarts (ala Half-Blood Prince). They don't notice until much, much later.

Despite not really remembering the details of Half-Blood Prince all that well, I couldn't (or least didn't) resist filling this.

Ficlet: Coming of Age
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A few days ago I wrote a snippet that added deamons from the His Dark Materials universe into the Highlander universe. But the more I think on it, the more problematic that particular fusion is for immortals.

First of all, daemons are supposed to dissipate when their person dies, but for immortals who aren't really dead, what happens? Do they stick around making it extremely clear that something has happened? Do they fall asleep or go unconscious or do they dissipate entirely and then reform when their human returns to life? 

Second, what is a quickening if not the eating of anther's soul? Which is all well and good as a metaphor but can get a bit gory, I would imagine, if applied to daemons. And could be a bit peculiar depending on what creatures the daemons are. A small 8-inch-long snake could be quite deadly, but it's still not going to naturally be able to eat a bear or horse or anything too large. There may be a reason why immortals are looked at warily.

And if they are eating other immortals' daemons, do they ever try to eat a mortal's daemon? 

And then, daemons aren't supposed to change after puberty. But a form that might prove stable for a hundred years seems unlikely to still be appropriate after a thousand years. Especially if most of the daemons settle before they know that they're immortal.

And what of Kenny, the eight-year-old / 800-year-old immortal? Has his daemon settled or not? 

I kind of want someone to write a long fic that really explores the world of immortals with daemons. What is the same and what is different?

I sort of see it as being from the perspective of a newly recruited Watcher. He's just being introduced to the concepts of Immortals and the Game. Part of the orientation is  explaining why he should be scared of immortals and never ever interfere with a challenge; part of the orientation is explaining why he shouldn't view Immortals as an absolute horror and never ever try to kill an immortal himself. And maybe part of the orientation is performed by Adam Pierson and his daemon Eve, showing him how to use the archives for research.
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Clearly this is a reminder that the internet is a dangerous thing and I should really learn better than to respond to being overwhelmed with work by blow it all off and doing something else. Sadly, I haven't retrained that response yet. Instead, I have two new ficlets for Bite Sized Bits of Fic since today was dinosaur themed!

First, in response to tigriswolf's prompt:

Highlander, Methos, his daemon is a deinonychus; around the birth of Christianity, though, (s)he realized that (s)he could change shapes again, which comes in very handy whenever Methos changes persona.

ficlet 1: Unnamed ficlet

Second, in response to mangacrack's prompt:

Highlander, Methos, even he was young once and stupid enough to try to ride a thing like that

ficlet 2: It seemed like a good idea at the time



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